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by Mike Shabb

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D'jé Sir
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D'jé Sir La relève! Solide prod! S/O shabbo pour son flow versatile!! Favorite track: Woah Oh.
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Mathieu St-Jean More synth yeah! Favorite track: Back End.
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released November 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Mike Shabb Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Lalala
Got that nigga soundin like bitch
Wheres my shit
Where my shit
Search his shit
Found my shit
Issa lick
Hit his shit
Get the strap
Like I’m fif

Dip and bang
With my gang
With my thangz
Let it bang
Hit his brain
Let it hang

Niggas cant put dirt on my name
Whatchu think
All these niggas mad cuz they girlfriend's on my thing
It’s a no
That my name
That my gang
On these hoes
What a shame
You so broke
You so poor
Oh my gawd
You so lame
I’m so cold
Track Name: Just Walk
I dropped out school
My teacher he said that lil boy he a fool
I’m smokin on boof
But that duznt make any difference for you
I’m still on the move
Young shabbo I keep me a toolie or 2
Wherever I’m at boy I stay with the crew
Wherever I’m posted I’m comin for you
Whenever you try me its over for you

Dont trynna compete with niggas out here
They gon put you to sleep
Niggas want smoke put em in the dust
Got no time for beef
Money callin on me everyday bitch I cant go to sleep
Instagram ass niggas
Can’t do nuthin to me

I mite just walk
Nigga plugwalk
I’m rollin the full zip
Young shabbo my nigga
I’m still on my bullshit

Full clip a
I Got Me A Beam And its nOt that fu shit

These bitches they want me I aim at her chest like I’m cupid
These bitches they want me since my shit is bumpin I aint stupid
Smokin big doinks 24/7 Up in my Trap

All my niggas hungry
And It aint funny
Fuck up A Bag

These Niggas on backstreet I’m front road
Rainbows in my pocket nigga thats bankrolls

They cant pull up on me they not on time
You need some company I got my slimes
Yo niggas bitches you cannot rely
Roll thru the city I’m feelin alive
I cannot change
I’m still the same
Since back in the days
You niggas lame
They switch over night
They turn into haters
Track Name: Woah Oh
Woah oh
Oh oah , bad bitch , throat
Big dick , rocco , bitches , fold

Niggas hoes , run dat oh no
One dat , 44 , all black clothes , niggas gon come for the spot
Everybody gettin drop
Nniggas runnin cuz I send all the shots
Niggas bummin when they ask me for guap

Run this shit up like a track field niggas runnin they mouth till I pack steel
Skurt on these niggas
Like back wheels
I’m sippin you know how that act feel

I do not fuck with these hoes
I hit A stain Now iss blood on my clothes
Chasin that bag and I’m makin it happen
You gettin the money you fold

I never lack man I’m keepin it fat ima zoe so I stay on my toes lil bitch

Strap on my lap bitch dont play with my dick all these bitches be watchin me cuz I’m the shit

Stackin the paper these niggas gon hate us
So Watch me go famous cuz I be the shit

I’m rockin hilfiger while coutin these figures you niggas is bitches so fuck out my way

She play with the stick and she cockin that shit
Yeah I’m down with the foreplay/she drippin like lake

I kill the pussy like flows
I get the money like woah
Stackin the riches / I’m not any different
A young nigga straight out the four

She wanna rip all my clothes
I put my dick in ger throat 1p
Shawty she wanna get jiggy with me while her nigga still waiting outside in the cold

Shabbo I’m smokin that thang
Walk in the snow with my jays
Walk with the pole you in danger
Smokin these niggas like strains

Chasin that bag and I’m makin it happen you fold nigga
I keep your bae on the low I gave her the dick now she layin the floor nigga
Track Name: Newave (feat. Kevin Na$h)
I went to the spot and then I spend all my stacks
Little did he know that I came in with in with the strap
Told that nigga give the stash for I’m peelin his cap
My bitch was so boujee till she came in the trap
Bitch I’m on new wave
All these niggas screamin hooray
Mix that wokhardt with that kool aid
Then I’m fuckin on her roomate
Titty boy like I’m 2 chains
Bitches want me but its too late
Bitch I’m rollin like its 2 pape
Like Vnce Carter got me 2 bapes
Sakpase nap boule
With my niggas bitch we coolin
Niggas pull up I’m like who dat
I’m with moussa he gon boom clap
I’m so icy like I’m guwop
Ima pothead like I’m kumar
Young shabbo ima rudeboy
Off the wokhardt I had too much
I sauce on these niggas like post malone
Niggas cant come in I’m home alone
Shabbo I’m smokin that homegrown
I need a call need a phone home
Roll in a coupe
Roll with a scope
Roll on dat dope

Roll with that pole
Hide in my coat
Shabbo the goat
Track Name: Back End
Oooooh thumbin thru these backends
Oooooh I just need the rackins
Oooooh nigga no cappin
Ooooooh nigga no cappin

Bitch I’m fuckin saucin
In the drop top bitch I’m bossin
Coutin dead faces in my coffin
Water drippin on me like a dolphin
Money movin fast like I’m sonicman
Thumbin thru these racks I need hunnid bands
You got all this water whatch your money drown

I need all this guap in the bank (I need)
I need me some preme with the bape ( I need)
I got me a plug from the states (plug)
He roll with a beam on his K

Lil shabbo not worried today
Lil shabbo not worried today
Lil shabbo got money today
Lil shabbo made hunnids today

Bitch I got rounds like a clock
My bitch got a mouth for that top
Im smokin on green like a doc
Use to sell dimes out the socks

Loud pack I mite just flip the whole sack unh
Flip it and get it right back unh
My niggas runnin these laps unh

Im drinkin it straight from the pint
Cant even feel all this pain
I roll up a zip of the stank
Take all the smoke to the face

Look at these niggas they thinkin they slick
Look at these bitches these bigches aint shit
Look at my stick when I’m airin that bihh
Look at me flex I was born for this shit

I went to class but I’m on my way back
I get the gas and its not the same pack
I do the dance when I’m out the maybach
Pull out the stick when its time for payback

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